Combining power-ups creates a bigger explosion and helps you clear more tiles.

  • Rocket + Rocket clears the row and the column of that tile.
  • Rocket + TNT clears three rows and three columns of that tile.
  • TNT + TNT clears the items within a four-tile radius.
  • Propeller + Propeller creates three Propellers that clear three random game elements. When taking off, Propellers also clear neighboring tiles.
  • Propeller + Rocket or TNT makes the Propeller carry the TNT or Rocket along with it to a random tile. When taking off, the Propeller combination also clears neighboring tiles.
  • Light Ball + Rocket or TNT or Propeller makes the Light Ball turn the most common colored items on the board into a Rocket, TNT, or Propeller.
  • Light Ball + Light Ball clears all the items on the board, and it also clears one layer from any game element.