Rocket, TNT, Propeller, and Light Ball are the power-ups that can be created by matching four or more of the same-colored items. You can either tap or swap any power-up to activate it. 

  • Rocket clears all items in a column or a row depending on which direction it is pointed. You can create a Rocket by matching four same-colored items in a line!
  • Propeller clears a random game element. You can create a Propeller by matching four same-colored items in a square. When taking off, Propeller also clears neighboring tiles.
  • TNT clears the items within a two-tile radius. You can create TNT by matching 5 same-colored items in an L or T-shape.
  • Light Ball clears all items of the same color. You can create a Light Ball by matching five same-colored items in a line.