What is Dragon Nest?

  • Dragon Nest is a time-limited event where you raise 4 Dragons. You can raise each Dragon by matching with one other player.
  • You can collect Magic Balls by beating levels and from other events. By using Magic Balls, you can collect Magic Tokens, which will contribute to the Dragon’s progress.
  • Each Dragon has 3 stages. When you complete a stage, you win the reward of that stage and then move on to the next one.
  • Once you complete all stages of 4 Dragons, you can claim Grand Prize and Special Dragon Nest frame.
  • You win extra Magic Balls from Hard and Super Hard levels.

Who can I match with?

  • You can match with your friends, players from the suggestions list, or team members.

How can I participate in Dragon Nest?

  • You need to reach level 75 to participate in the Dragon Nest.
  • You can start collecting Magic Balls by beating a level, and then you can use them to raise Dragons.

Can I use Magic Balls when Dragon Nest is finished?

When Dragon Nest is finished, you will not have a chance to use your remaining Magic Balls.