What is Lava Quest?

  • Lava Quest is a time-limited event where you need to beat 7 consecutive levels on your first try.
  • You will start Lava Quest with 99 other players who played this challenge.
  • Players who finish 7 consecutive levels on their first try will be winners of the Lava Quest.
    • The grand prize of 10.000 coins is shared equally between the winners.
  • Players who fail a level will fail the challenge.
  • You need to complete the challenge in 24 hours.

How can I participate in Lava Quest?

  • You need to be at level 66 or higher to be able to participate in Lava Quest.
  • You can participate in Lava Quest by tapping the "Start" button on the Lava Quest information screens.
  • You can participate in Lava Quest when you have an internet connection.
  • If you fail Lava Quest, you can start another challenge after 30 minutes.