What is Collection?
  • Collection is a feature where you collect cards from events or chests to complete sets.
  • You need to reach Level 41 to unlock Collection.
  • There are plenty of cards and many more to come while you progress through the levels!
What are Cards and Sets?
  • There are two kinds of cards: Silver and Gold, and each card belongs to a set.
  • Each set has a unique concept and consists of 3 Gold and 6 Silver cards. When you complete nine unique cards in a set, you will be able to claim the associated reward of the set.
  • Sets are unlocked at a certain level which is stated below the set icon on the Collection page. The locked set will be automatically unlocked when you reach the stated level. 
  • You can only collect cards from the sets you have unlocked.
  • The first set of Collection, Royal, unlocks at Level 41.
How can I collect Cards?
  • You can collect cards from various events such as Propeller Madness, Book of Treasure, Royal Pass, King’s Cup, Pinata Party, Lightning Rush, Team Treasure, Balloon Rise, Weekly Contest, and Area Chests.
  • After claiming a card, it will be collected in its corresponding set and will be visible there afterward. You can track the progression of your cards and sets on the Collection screen.
What is Wild Card, and how can I use it?
  • You can convert a Wild Card into any missing card you want. You can win Wild Card from event rewards or by collecting the necessary amount of Wild Card Tokens.
  • You can use your Wild Card by navigating to the Wild Card icon located at the top left of the Collection page. You can use Wild Cards to reveal your missing cards.
What is Wild Card Token?
  • If you win a card that you already revealed, this extra card will be converted to Wild Card Tokens.
  • When you reach 200 tokens, you will win a Wild Card!
    • An extra gold card will be converted to 25 tokens.
    • An extra silver card will be converted to 5 tokens.