What is Royal Pass?

  • Royal Pass is a time-limited feature consisting of 30 steps. It starts at the beginning of the month and ends when the new one starts next month.
  • Each step has its own key goal and reward. You collect the keys by beating the levels.
  • You win extra keys from Hard and Super Hard levels.
  • There are two types of rewards: free rewards and special rewards.
    • You can claim the free rewards by collecting keys and unlocking stages.
    • By activating Royal Pass, you will have a chance to get special rewards.
  • Your maximum amount of lives will be increased from 5 to 8.
  • Your profile picture frame and your name will be in gold.
  • A gift will be sent to your teammates.
  • After completing all the event stages, you will have access to Bonus Bank, which allows you to save 100 coins for every 10 keys. The maximum amount of coins that can be saved in the Bonus Bank is 5000.

How can I activate the Royal Pass?

  • You need to reach Level 37 to activate Royal Pass.
  • You need to purchase the Royal Pass to unlock extra rewards and get special bonuses.
  • Please note that the activated Royal Pass will be valid only until the end of the month. Once a new month starts, the special bonuses will no longer be available.
    • When there are unclaimed rewards before the beginning of a new month, they will be automatically added to your inventory.