What is Book of Treasure?

  • Book of Treasure is a time-limited event consisting of several steps. Each step has its own book (red-colored match item), goal, and reward.
  • You collect books by clearing them while playing a level. The books you collect in a level are added to your score.
  • When you reach the book goal of a step, you get a reward and move on to the next step.
  • When you complete all steps in the event, you win the Grand Prize.
  • You win extra books from Hard and Super Hard levels.
  • The more steps you complete, the more rewards you win.

How can I participate in Book of Treasure?

  • You need to reach Level 28 to participate in Book of Treasure.
  • You need to beat the levels to collect books.
  • If you lose or quit a level, the books you collected during the level are not counted towards Book of Treasure event.